Domestic Violence and Health Collective – Orange County (DVHC-OC)


The prevailing approach to addressing domestic violence is to focus on it as a social, legal and law enforcement issue.  However, the Domestic Violence and Health Collective – Orange County (DVHC-OC) urges people to consider domestic violence as a threat to women’s health.  Launched in May 2016, DVHC-OC resolves to eliminate domestic violence by integrating healthcare with established social, legal and law enforcement services in Orange County. 

The Collective is administered by the Orange County Women's Health Project and gains strategic and operational support from participating Orange County organizations including Community Service Programs, Human Options, Laura’s House, Women’s Transitional Living Center Inc., University of California Irvine, and 211 OC.  The work of DVHC-OC is made possible through generous funding by Blue Shield of California Foundation. 

In 2014, the Orange County Women’s Health Project completed a six-month, collaborative Health & Domestic Violence (HDV) Planning Process thanks to a generous planning grant from Blue Shield of California Foundation.  We worked collaboratively with over over 20 diverse members of the Orange County HDV Task Force to identify and engage additional key stakeholders, assess the needs and gaps between sectors, review the literature and best practices, and evaluate and ultimately recommend a set of coordinated strategies for establishing a countywide, integrated and collaborative HDV System in Orange County.  Subsequently, in December 2014, Blue Shield of California Foundation awarded over $1.9 million to the Orange County Women's Health Project to oversee, coordinate and evaluate the Health & Domestic Violence System in Orange County.

In January 2015, the Orange County Women’s Health Project conducted an open, competitive RFP process to identify lead agencies who would implement the recommended strategies.  In June 2015, the OCWHP awarded sub-grants to four local organizations to implement the following four strategies:

STRATEGY 1:  Cross-Disciplinary Training for Healthcare and Social Service Providers 
Develop and deliver on-site cross-disciplinary training programs about health and domestic violence for health care and social service providers. 
 Awarded to Human Options (on behalf of Interval House, Laura's House and WTLC) and the UC Irvine Initiative to End Family Violence. Read more...

STRATEGY 2: Central Clearinghouse for Domestic Violence Resources and Referrals 
Establish a comprehensive, up-to-date and user-friendly central clearinghouse that can be accessed online or by telephone and that facilitates smooth referrals.  
Awarded to 211 Orange County (211 OC)

To visit the Central Clearinghouse click here.

STRATEGY 3: Public Health Campaign 
Develop and launch a public health campaign with the message that domestic violence affects women’s health and help is available from your healthcare provider.  Awarded to Community Service Programs, Inc. (CSP).  Read more...

STRATEGY 4: Assess Need/Capacity for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services for DV Survivors in Orange County
The OCWHP has secured matching funds from the Orange County Community Foundation - Margaret E. Oser Fund for Women and is currently leading this needs assessment and planning process, to conclude in the Fall of 2016.