STRATEGY 4 – DV, Mental Health & Substance Abuse 

In 2016, the OCWHP led a Needs Assessment and Planning Process to understand the intersection between domestic violence (DV), mental health and substance abuse in Orange County.  Through this process, the OCWHP made three major findings and corresponding recommendations.  These results were published in a Policy Brief in 2017


The OCWHP is offering a new training on the intersection of domestic violence (DV), mental health, and substance abuse developed specifically for substance abuse treatment providers and others working with this population. 

Trainees will learn how to:
  • Understand DV and its impact on health and substance abuse treatment
  • Screen and counsel for DV in the substance abuse treatment setting in a culturally sensitive manner 
  • Understand and explain the limits of confidentiality 
  • Comply with mandatory reporting laws
  • Access DV resources and make referrals
  • Document screening, counseling, and related issues in the client’s file
We recommend allotting 2 hours for the training, however the training can be modified to fit a shorter timeframe if needed. 

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please email Mental Health Specialist, Gail Dratch, MSW at

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