STRATEGY 3 – Public Health Campaign

The objective of the Public Health Campaign (PHC) strategy is twofold:

(a) to increase awareness that domestic violence affects your health and help is available from a healthcare provider, and 

(b) to reduce stigma around domestic violence in general. 

The PHC strategy employed diverse media channels to communicate the message that domestic violence is a health issue, help is available, and patients may talk with their healthcare provider(s) about domestic violence.  Strategy lead Waymakers (formerly known as Community Service Programs (CSP)) developed six different ads targeting the general public, low-income individuals, perinatal women, and the LGBTQ population.  Beginning in May 2016, the ads appeared in large media (bus ads and billboards), print media (OC Parenting May issue), and in posters available for healthcare and community sites.  Over a two-year period, the ads also appeared in bus shelters, on Pandora Radio, and across various social media.  

  • 39,840,100 impressions of PHC materials throughout Orange County
  • 4,862 people who saw or heard the PHC on social media clicked through to the Central Clearinghouse
    In a survey of 86 survivors who saw the PHC: 
  • 79% agreed it contributed to their decision to seek help for DV
  • 77% felt more comfortable talking with others about DV
  • 61% were prompted to call or visit the Central Clearinghouse
  • 55% were prompted to seek help from a healthcare provider


Public Health Campaign Toolkit

The Public Health Campaign, led by Waymakers - Project PATH, developed a toolkit intended for providers and organizations that are interested in creating a public health campaign to accomplish the following: 
  • Raise awareness of DV as a health issue
  • Reduce the stigma associated with DV
  • Increase awareness of DV services in the local community

DV Fact Sheets For the Vietnamese Community 

Fact Sheet for Individuals (English)                                                    Fact Sheet for Providers (English)

Fact Sheet for Individuals (Vietnamese)                                             Fact Sheet for Providers (Vietnamese)

Domestic Violence Awareness Posters & Educational Materials

All materials are available in English & Spanish. 
Click here to download educational materials.