Join the OCWHP and 11 other Orange County nonprofits on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 for #LoveIsOC – a 24-hour online giving day to support healthy teen relationships in Orange County.  

Help us reach our $12,500 goal by giving ONLINE HERE on February 12. Your donation with go farther with a MATCH from our Advisory Board!


The Orange County Women's Health Project is recruiting local students to create video content for Love Is: A Giving Day to Support Healthy Teen Relationships in Orange County which will take place on February 12, 2020.  Community service hours are available.

Students should film themselves and/or 5-7 friends answering the prompts below. It is OK to skip a prompt, or film multiple versions of one prompt.  

A fun/joyful or serious/PSA vibe are welcome.




1.    Love is ______________.

Examples: respect, acceptance, communication, honesty, listening, making my partner feel safe, consent, friendship, practicing safe sex, loving myself, using birth control, family, friends, inclusive, getting help when you need.


2.    I know I’m in a healthy relationship OR friendship when ______________.

Examples: my partner/friend supports my goals/decisions, my partner/friend accepts me for who I am, I can have honest conversations, I practice safe sex, my partner/friend helps me get help.


3.    I take care of my mental health when I ______________.

Examples: take time for myself, do something that makes me laugh, spend time with loved ones, go on a walk, eat healthy, practice saying no, talk to a therapist

4.    I’m sexually responsible when I ______________.

Examples: abstain, use protection, use birth control, ask for consent, talk to my partner about what I’m comfortable with, get tested


Videos are due by Friday, January 17.  Please provide your full name, email address, phone number and social media handles so we can credit you. Submit to Sydney Minchin via minchin@ocwomenshealth.org or text to (760) 484-6284. Participants will be required to complete an A/V Release Form.

WHAT:  The Orange County Community Foundation is overseeing a series of cause-based collaborative giving days (read more here).   Love Is is a 24-hour online giving day where 12 organizations will strive to raise $135,000 to support healthy teen relationships in Orange County.  


WHEN:  Wednesday, February 12, 2020 (midnight to midnight). Support Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February by participating in Love Is and supporting local organizations working to prevent teen dating violence. 

  1. OCWHP
  2. Casa de la Familia
  3. Find Your Anchor
  4. Human Options
  5. Laura's House
  6. LGBTQ Center OC
  7. Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties
  8. Pride OC
  9. The Priority Center
  10. Tilly's Life Center
  11. UCI Initiative to End Family Violence
  12. Women's Transitional Living Center

WHERE:  Online, emails, social media, texting!  The OCWHP will also host a Giving HQ at the Orange County Community Foundation in Newport Beach from 1:30 pm - 5 pm.  Stop by to help us thank our donors, promote our campaign, and watch donations come in live.


LOVE IS 2019:  For the first Love Is Collaborative Giving Day campaign in 2019 7 organizations raised $89,643 (goal was $75,000).