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In the Spring of 2013 the OCWHP partnered with the the four state-funded domestic violence organizations based in Orange County (Human Options, Interval House, Laura's House, and Women's Transitional Living Center) to launch the Health & Domestic Violence (HDV) Task Force.  The purpose was to strengthen the local healthcare sector's response to domestic violence and to better integrate the local healthcare sector with the social, shelter, legal, law enforcement, and other services that support domestic violence survivors and their families in Orange County. 

Thanks to a generous planning grant from Blue Shield of California Foundation (BSCF), in 2013-2014 the HDV Task Force conducted a needs assessment, scanned the literature, and evaluated different approaches to integrating services to reduce the health impacts of domestic violence. Ultimately the HDV Task Force identified a set of strategies that would, if implemented in a coordinated manner, establish a countywide, integrated and collaborative HDV System in Orange County.  

Subsequently, in September 2014, the BSCF awarded a significant grant to the OCWHP to oversee the implementation, coordination and evaluation of such a system.  The OCWHP released an RFP for the HDV System in January 2015 and awarded sub-grants to four local organizations in June 2015.  The sub-grantees launched their activities in May 2016.

The HDV Task Force prepared a Policy Brief, and on October 17, 2014, presented the following policy recommendations at the 3rd Orange County Women's Health Policy Summit: 

1. Develop and deliver on-site cross-disciplinary training programs about health & domestic violence for healthcare and social service providers.

2. Establish a comprehensive, up-to-date, and user-friendly central clearinghouse that can be accessed online or by telephone and that facilitates smooth referrals.

3. Develop and launch a public health campaign with the message that domestic violence affects your health, you are not alone, and help is available from your healthcare provider.

4. Assess the local need and the county’s capacity to deliver mental health & substance abuse services for domestic violence survivors.

Since 2014, the OCWHP has overseen the Domestic Violence and Health Collective - Orange County (DVHC-OC) – a countywide initiative to implement these recommendations. Read more about the DVHC-OC.  

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