In 2012, the OCWHP established the Orange County Women’s Health Summit as a forum to elevate a collective conversation with the county’s leading stakeholders in the areas of health access, care, and policy.  In addition to featuring presentations of the OCWHP’s Policy Briefs and recommendations on Breast & Cervical Cancer, Health and Domestic Violence, and Teen Reproductive Health, emerging and relevant topics of note over the years have included: implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on women; health care reform and identified strategies for protecting women's health in a rapidly changing landscape; and social determinants and their impact on women's health in Orange County.  Since the inaugural event in 2012, the Women’s Health Summit has brought together some 753 women’s health thought leaders, area experts, policy makers, and service providers.  Learn more about past Women's Health Summits. 

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In order to identify priority areas for women’s health regionally, the OCWHP works with the Orange County Health Care Agency, and California State University at Fullerton, Department of Health Science to gather gender-specific data which can inform local research, programs, and policies. 

The Women’s Health Dashboard tracks specific indicators related to women’s health in Orange County, detailing more than 30 indicators related to general women’s health as well as cancer, reproductive health, and behavioral health. 

Additionally, the OCWHP has played a leading role advocating for and implementing the Gender Breakout Dashboard, further highlighting important differences in health needs and resources for women and men in Orange County. 

Orange County’s Healthier Together is a community-wide initiative that aligns public and private resources within the public health system to improve health for all communities in Orange County. Visit us at www.ochealthiertogether.org to see information on priority areas for the county, a dashboard of more than 300 health, social, and economic indicators, and a database of 137 demographic items.


The OCWHP seeks to drive policy change around women’s health issues by building relationships with elected officials and other key stakeholders; providing advocacy training for nonprofit and community partners; and preparing and distributing action alerts to increase Orange County’s residents’ participation in advocacy on women’s issues.